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Nepali Songs that are Banned due to Political issues

machi marna

This is a music video of song ‘Machhi Marna Jaau’ by Bidhan Shrestha, Rita Upadhyaya and J. Papi which is patriotic Nepali song. This song is one banned by Government of Nepal. As the singer are trying to aware Nepalese about their land which are captured by India after cancelling Sugauli Treaty that was suppose to return to Nepal. It was clearly mentioned in the video of The Greater Nepal how we owe the land to Nepal legally but the lands were never returned to Nepal neither any political leaders proceed any process for these lands.

Here is another video by AXE Band ‘Hamro Simana’ by the AXE Band which is also banned by the Government. This song was included in the album ‘VADAAS’. Well any song or documentary which tries to inform the public about the rights of Nepal regarding the 75% lands that are now inside Indian territory after the cancellation of Sugauli Treaty that Nepal had with British after they won a battle against Nepal. According to the Greater Nepal documentary as per the proofs Indian is suppose to return those Lands to Nepal but they never did neither any political parties or leader tried to talk about the issue. No idea when this problem will sort out, as we know the political parties of Nepal are never responsible towards the people living here and the nation.