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BBC Sajha Sawal – Increase in Social Media Crime

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BBC Sajha Sawal is a Nepali community talk show that comes every week on Kantipur TV. Well in this episode of Sajha Sawal today’s issue is about the increase in crime with the use of Social Media sites. As the development of technology is good resulting positive vibes to the users but in the same time some people misuse it to practice crimes. According to recent data daily around 10-15 cyber crime is reported to the headquarter of Police at Hanumandhoka, Kathmandu.

With a real example of man, as his daughter is offended by an unknown person is in the capital to report the issue to the police. The guy used some Photoshopped images and tried to bully her and forces her to marry him. This had a serious negative impact on the girl’s real life. So to fight against the unknown guy act her father has arrived to the capital to get help with the police.

Here are some real time examples and the victims on the program. What do the police respond to such social crime and how can normal people get help with the police if the face similar issues? In this episode we will get to know all about these issues. If you are also using Facebook, Twitter and other social media website then please do check your privacy settings. Doing so will prevent any unknown people to replicate your fake profile and hurt your mentally by doing social crimes.

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