hit tracker Dhamala Ko Hamala with Actress Reecha Sharma

Dhamala Ko Hamala with Actress Reecha Sharma

Reecha Sharma

image: Thikthak.com

Rishi Dhamala, the VJ of the show Dhamala Ko Hamala is back again with Nepali actress Reecha Sharma as a guest. We all are familiar with Dhamala’s way of presenting the show and taking an interview. While talking about Reecha she is an established Nepali actress whose recently released movie Talakjung Vs Tulke was an average hit bagging a lot of awards in the year 2014. Reecha is busy with her upcoming movie projects these days.

In today’s show Dhamala attacks Reecha with some personal questions about her six years longer love life with actor Vinay Shrestha. Dhamala keeps on asking same thing again and again although the actress want’s to ignore the topic. To know what was the topic which Reecha wanted to bypass and Dhamala tried to know you need to watch the entire episode of Dhamala Ko Hamala available here.

Source: Himalaya TV Youtube