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Dhamala Ko Hamala with Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari

Well Rishi Dhamala is getting trending on social media these days due to his TV show Dhamala Ko Hamala. His way of taking an interview makes the audiences angry, don’t know why but i thought like this by checking all the comments on his videos. Today in the episode of Dhamala Ko Hamala the guest we have is the dazzling and beautiful Nepali actress Keki Adhikari. As Keki is busy these days with her upcoming Nepali movie projects and her upcoming movie ‘Fanko’ is ready to release soon on theaters. Being the daughter of an already reknown personality in Nepali movie industry it was easy for her to get into the Movie industry but how Keki is struggling right now to keep her position and craze balanced in the industry right now, you will get to know all these things in this episode of Dhamala Ko Hamala by Rishi Dhamala.

As usual Rishi Dhamala begins his show asking some basic things to the actress and if you are a regular viewer of his show you must know how he questions his guests and traps them. The show Dhamala Ko Hamala comes every week on Himalaya TV and we keep on providing you the interesting episodes of Dhamala Ko Hamala so you guys can watch it anytime you want.