hit tracker Discussion on Dr. Baburam Bhattarai's recent activities

Discussion on Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s recent activities


Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is one of the popular and trusted political leader of Nepal but these days he is more on gossips due to his updates on social media sites. Here is a exclusive analysis by News 24 TV regarding Bhattarai’s recent sayings.

The political experts have actually specified that the role of politicians is well played when the nation experiences some kinds of problems. But it is the dilemma of the country that the nation has not yet received any leaders who could help to uplift the nation. UCPN Maoist Leader Babu Ram Bhattarai is slammed for his commentaries and for the selection of the words. To exemplify, he has actually commented his ideas in one of the social networking websites where he has presented his own erred views. Bhattarai who has actually been former Prime Minister has actually commented that the nation would go disintegrated if the riots in Tarai districts are not addressed within 24 hours. Bhattarai desires to call himself as a fan of Marxism however his own contemporaries slammed him as the leader who is inclined to the industrialism. He is condemned for promoting for his meager ideas on the caste and creeds existing in the country. Those who understand him from the closer point of view, they call him as a leader who is opportunist, a fan of India and introvert.