hit tracker Fireside with Parash Khadka and Gyanendra Malla

Fireside with Parash Khadka and Gyanendra Malla

Parash Khadka and Gyanendra Malla

Watch exclusive talk show Fireside with Nepali National Cricket team captain Parash Khadka and Vice captain Gyanendra Malla. This episode of Fireside is broadcasted on 3rd of November 2014 via Kantipur TV. As recently Nepali National Cricket team won the title of ICC World Cricket League Division III and upgraded to play in Division II. It has been always coming in news that our National team lack to get the facilities that the National cricket team of other countries get from the Government. Neither we have a single Cricket ground nor our players are provided any well equipments for practicing. Although beside this situation our Cricket team are showing their best performances in one after another match. So in today’s talk show the host Bhushan Dahal is arising the issues that our National cricket players are facing including what are they expecting from the government to be done for the development of Cricket in Nepal. Enjoy this exclusive talk show as available here.