hit tracker Girl Distraction Prank by JoshPalerLin

Girl Distraction Prank by JoshPalerLin

Distraction Prank

Enjoy this prank video by the popular Youtuber JoshPalerLin. So in this video what these guys are going to do ? Well as usual they gonna prank some body but what’s the catch in this episode ? You might be thinking, do you ? Josh is back with Amanda in this funny prank episode which you will love it.

So the scene for this prank is a guy goes for washroom and he asks another guy who is sitting right behind him to look after his cell kept on the charging port. At the moment as he passes, a hot girl arrives and drops the newspapers that she was holding. As it was a pretty distracting moment, a girl comes in-front of a guy and she bends with her sexy tops. Any guy would be distracted by such activity.

Here comes the remaining part of the prank, another guy from the prank crew takes away the phone at the moment when the guy was distracted by the girl. Later when the cell owner comes and didn’t finds his phone there goes the prank. Similarly there is same scene prank with a laptop and a Lamborgini and it is really fun to watch this prank. Enjoy.