hit tracker Harke Haldar - 10th August 2014

Harke Haldar – 10th August 2014

Harke Haldar

Watch Nepali comedy serial Harke Haldar episode of 10th August 2014 online as broadcasted on Kantipur TV. Today’s episode begins with Bhola’s wife Parbati who is sick and panicking due to pain. So Bhola is about to go for Jhakri but at the mean time Harke arrives there. So Bhola hides inside the house and request his wife to lie about him. When Harke arrives he asks about Bhola to Parbati. Parbati says Bhola is out in the village for Jhakri as she is seriously sick. Harke is sad and gets angry to Bhola as he had called him in his home for his marriage. So Parbati gives a photo to Harke saying that’s her sister and she can arrange his marriage with her. Harke gets happy as he likes the girl in the photo very much. What happens then enjoy watching today’s episode of Harke Haldar.