hit tracker Hatkadi - Man killed by Relatives in Rasuwa

Hatkadi – Man killed by Relatives in Rasuwa

killed in rasuwa

Do you believe in Spiritual powers that people use to create problems on other’s life ? Well the term “Boksi” is common in Nepalese society as still today in most of the rural areas women are blamed to be “Boksi” and the community is found punishing them. The social awareness is very much important to the people in these areas as this has recently made Tulu Sharki Thing of Rasuwa to leave this world.

Tulu Sharki Thing from Rasuwa was blamed as Boksa by his relatives and was killed brutually. As noone reported this incident to police, Rasuwa police began the investigation after they heard about the killing of a man who was blamed as Boksa. After the investigation for 15 days police came up with the dead body and arrested the killers. 27years old Kanchha Sherpa, 40 years old Lawati Buti and 50 years old Chenarbu Tamang were found killing Tulu Sharki Thing who was from a poor family living with his wife, son and two daughters in Rasuwa.

According to the son, Niva Lwang Thing it was the evening of Baisakh 4th 2073 when Kanchha Sherpa came to their house and began beating his father. Later he brought more men and took his father to nearest field where they burned and buried him alive. As Tulu was the only men working and serving his family, the family is now in big problem financially and there is no way they could return to their village again.

Here is a full video report prepared by News 24 TV for the program Hatkadi about this incident.