hit tracker Himalaya TV - President visit to Janakpur Issue

Himalaya TV – President visit to Janakpur Issue

Bidhya Bhandari

Watch Nepali News tv show Prime Story as broadcasted on Himalaya TV. This episode was broadcasted on 21st December 2015. Today’s episode contains some serious issue that occured recently at Janakpurdham where the present president of Nepal Bidhya Bhandari was humiliated by the Madheshi cadres.

Bidhya Bhandari is the first Nepali women president and as following the tradition our president visited Janaki Temple at Janakpurdham. But Madhesi cadres attacked her with petrol bomb and later humiliated her saying a widow visited and entered the temple later they even tried to clean the temple area thinking the temple area got polluted by the president visit. This is really disgusting act which can’t be forgiven because firstly she is our president and secondly she is an women. Although her husband died earlier how the heck the people blames her while visiting temples.

This episode of Prime story revolves with the issue so check out the entire episode.