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Humjayega – Nepali Movie Trailer and Songs


Watch theatrical trailer and music videos of Nepali Movie Humjayega. Humjayega is a comedy movie releasing under the banner of Munal Films. The movie is directed by Surendra Poon which is produced by Tanka Gurung, Om Kumari Poon, Surya Blown and Saraswati Lama. The movie is based on a real life charecter “Humjayega” which is popular in Nepal and Darjeeling with Humjayega Jokes. The movie is edited by Arjun GC and Kamal Rai has choreographed the songs in the movie. Babu Shrestha has shoot the movie in which the action is directed by Yogendra Shrestha.

Nepali movie Humjayega features Wilson Bikram Rai, Babu Bogati, Parbati Rai, Reecha Dhital, Rabi Giri, Shyam Rai and Prajwal Giri in the lead roles. The movie is scheduled to be released on 5th Mangsir.

Check out the theatrical trailer of Nepali Movie Humjayega.

Song : Mayama Ho

Song : Mero Mast Jawaani