hit tracker Kaamchor Trailer released online

Kaamchor Trailer released online


A Greenhill VFX Media presentation Nepali movie Kaamchor is scheduled to release on 8th Ashoj. The official trailer of the movie has recently released online by Highlights Nepal. Kaamchor is a presentation of Abhiman Singh Basnet which is produced by Pramod Gauchan. The movie features the story written by Dinesh Shrestha.

The movie stars Pushkar Regmi, Rabindra Basnet, Baldip Rai, Harshika Shrestha, Rohan Shrestha, Kajol Khanal, Apsana Thapa and Rabina Pariyar int he lead roles. Dinesh Shrestha is the director of the movie, music composed by Bharat Sitaula and action directed by Shankar Maharjan. The director and story writer of the movie Dinesh Shrestha has done the Cinematography. Enjoy the trailer of the movie Kaamchor.