hit tracker Kshitij Raj Lohani waved Nepali Flag in High Altitude

अन्तरिक्षमा फहरियो नेपाली झण्डा, घन्कियो ‘सयौँ थुङ्गा…’

Kshitij Raj Lohani

Kshitij Raj Lohani, a Nepali boy who is currently studying in the US has successfully completed his campaign of waving Nepali Flag in the high altitude of around 80,000 feet and tuning Nepali National Anthem at that altitude. The campaign named Krinjal Space was lunched on 17th Baisakh of Nepali Calender. With the help of cameras and speaker attached on a Helium Baloon the 21 years Kshitij was able to make this proud moment. Kshitij is from Baneshwor Kathmandu who is studying Computer Engineering in North Eastern University at Boston, America. The video recorded by the cameras in the balloon which captured our National flag waving in the space, playing the National Anthem is available below.

For Photos Captured by Camera 3 Click Here : Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4 and Set 5

We would like to thank Kshitij for making this proud moment and Salute for his effort. Well done Kshitij !