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London Airport by Maha Sanchar

London Airport
Maha Sanchar presents Nepali stage comedy show ‘London Airport’. This show features Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha. Hari Bansha and Madan Krishna are widely respected Nepali celebrities. Time to time they presents Nepali stage show and comedy show that contains huge message and satire to the political and social issues of Nepal. This stage record might be more than a decade old but the message that the actor are delivering still resembles to the Nepali government. A Nepali guys arrives to London Airport where he founds nobody but after spending some time a man appears. Both of them starts their conversation as the officer was an ex worker at Nepal embassy. His wive left him as his salary was only Nrs 800 which was equivalent to GBP 20 of that time. This stage show contains a lot of satire and message that government officials should consider to improve the economy of the country.

You can enjoy watching this stage show ‘London Airport’ as this video is officially released by Maha Sanchar’s official Youtube Channel.

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