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Naike – Nepali Movie Trailer and Videos


Watch exclusive trailer and videos from Nepali movie Naike. Naike is a upcoming movie by well known lover boy of Nepali movie industry “Aryan Sigdel” as he is appearing as a Gangstar in the movie. Naike is a action and love story genre movie which is releasing under the banner of Black Shadow Production. The movie is a joint presentation of Bishnu Hamal, Jagdish Khanal, Narayan KhaNAL, Ananda Chhetri and Sangita Parajuli. The producers are satisfied with the post production of the movie and they are expecting good results to come from the audiences. A total of 70 Lakh Nepalese Rupees is invested in the movie according to source. The movie features Aryan Sigdel, Surbina Karki, Rim BK, Bodhraj Regmi, Bijayaraj Century, Sarika KC etc. Sanukumar Maharjan is the action director of the movie with music by Yogesh Kaji BC, Tara Prakash limbu and Raman Gayak. The movie will be distributed by FD Company and Gopal Kayastha as the movie is set to be release from 19th Mangsir.
Enjoy exclusive trailer and music videos from the movie Naike as available online.

Exclusive Trailer of Nepali Movie Naike

Naike title song music Video – Hu ma Naike

Music Video Malai Lagchha from Nepali movie Naike

Pyasi Pyasi music video from Naike

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