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Nepali Currency Exchange Rate and Converter

Currency Exchange

Daily the Rate of Money is fluctuating and its not always the same. If you are living abroad and you are planning to send money back to home in Nepal then you need to know what the current Nepali Currency Exchange Rate by Nepal Rastra Bank. This value changes frequently on daily basis so you need to check it and send your Money to Nepal. Of course you can use any Money Transfer Companies like IME, Western Union and others to send your Money quickly but you need to check current Exchange Rate before you send so you will know what exactly Nepalese Rupee you are sending to Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank daily updates the Exchange Rate so now you can easily know what Today’s Exchange Rate is.


We have presented Nepal Rastra Bank’s official release of Daily Nepali Currency Rate below : You can also see the currency exchange of Old dates.


Also you can use this Converter powered by Google for converting Any Currencies !

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