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Nepali Movie – Jhola

Nepali Movie Jhola

Watch Nepali movie Jhola online starring Garima Panta, Deshbhakta Khanal, Deepak Kshettri, Laxmi Giri, Pralhad Khatiwada and Sujal Nepal in the lead roles. Jhola is based on popular Nepali novel ‘Jhola’ by Krishna Dharabasi. Jhola is produced by Malati Shah, Ramgopal Thapa, Raj Timalsina and Sushil Shah. Yadav Kumar Bhattarai has directed the movie in which music is composed by Joshan Kunwar, choreography by Dipak Bajracharya and screenplay by Deepak Aalok.


The film begins when an old man called Ghanashyam (Sujal Nepal) leaves his bag for a night at the writer’s home. Suspicious, the writer checks the contents of the bag only to find an old manuscript which contains 11 short stories. As Dharabasi starts reading, he is transported to Nepal of the 18th century. We are introduced to a young Ghanashyam who lives with his mother Kanchhi (Garima Panta) and his ailing father (Deepak Chhetri). After her husband passes away, Kanchhi’s life becomes a nightmare. Expected to sacrifice herself on the funeral pyre, Kanchhi enters almost a daze like state and goes from being a strong-willed, loving mother to a helpless widow. As she prepares herself for the ceremony and Ghanashyam comes to terms with being orphaned, the anguish of both mother and son becomes palpable on screen…. (enjoy full movie below to know what happens next)

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