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Nepali Movie – Punte Parade

Punte Parade

Watch Nepali movie Punte Parade online starring Samyam Puri, Anjila Dahal, Nilu Dolma Sherpa, Najir Husan and special appearance of Priyanka Karki as a teacher. The movie is a production of Hari Mahat, Suraj Koirala and Anil Adhikari as the movie is co-produced by Santosh Rumba, Jay Ram Pariyar and Raj Kumar Patel.

Punte Parade is a movie which is based on a character Punte done by Samyam Puri, who is a teen age guy and he thinks no body cares him. He goes out of his home with some money that he steal from his mom purse. Finally he comes back to home and realizes what he missed when he went out of house and created all the scenes in the movie.

Nepali movie Punte Parade is officially released online by Highlights Nepal. Enjoy watching Nepali movie Punte Parade.