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Nepali Movie – Saubhagya


Watch Nepali movie Saubhagya starring Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa, Suman Singh, Aayush Rijal, Soniya KC, Sunil Dutt Pandey, Rajan Mahat etc. Nepali movie Saubhagya is a presentation of Shree Krishna Films which is directed by Govinda Gautam and produced by Kedar Parajuli, Hari Maya Parajuli, Aashish Parajuli, Sundar Parajuli and Laxman Parajuli. The music for the movie is composed by Bikash Chaudhari, actioni by Raju Jung Thapa, shoot by Hari Humagain and edited by Ananta Ghimire. The movie is officially released online by Sairam Pictures. Enjoy watching Nepali movie Saubhagya online.

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