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Nepali Short Movie – Hari


Watch Nepali short movie Hari online. Hari is a charecter who can be you, me and the one who is just next to you. Hari is a kind, generous, helpful, honest and true guy who is in Kathmandu for study. His parents inspiration to him for being kind, honest was about to thril himself but what happens to him ? Starring Biraj Shahi Thakuri as Hari, Laya Sangraula as Teacher along with Kala Sangraula, Sabin Maharjan, Rupak Ramtel, Baldev B.K., Purushottam Poudel, Hari Chandra Phuyal, Rajina Pradhan, Aalok Ghimire, Animesh Sapkota, Naresh Silwal and students of Oscal Int’l College enjoy this short inspirational Nepali Movie Hari. This short movie “Hari” is a presentation of Asim Chitrakal. The movie is filmed by Narayan G.C, lights by Uttam Subba and Bishal Prajapati, makeup by Bikram Thapa, post production by Essence Nepal Pvt. Ltd and edit by Buddha Ratna Maharjan.