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Nepali Short Movie – The Worst Best Date

The Wrost Best Date

Entertainment presents Nepali short movie The Worst Best Date. The movie stars Subodh Moktan and Nurja Shrestha with the guest appearance of Samrat KC and Subodh Thapa Magar. Hari Acharya is the production manager of the movie which is produced by Prashan Shakya and Subodh Thapa Magar. Sukhee Suwal did the make up and stuff to the casts as the story of the movie is written by the director Subodh Moktan. Surendra Man Singh has done fantastic job as he shoot, animated and edited the movie. The movie begins with a boy droves his car infront of a house as he is talking in his cell with his friend. He was on the first date with the girl who is beautiful that he found via Facebook. You will definitely enjoy their first date and its upto you to conclude this date as the worst or the best date.

Video Credit : Mazzako Entertainment Youtube