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Do you want to translate anything you have written into Nepali or you want to translate Nepali written document or articles into other languages ? Well hard days are off now as Google have released an amazing feature called Google Translate. Using this tool we can translate any website or an entire article written in any language to any other languages and vice versa. Well the translator is genius in translating any English articles to most of the languages that Google supports and only some languages into English. It means now you can Translate any website written in English to Nepali and read it if you are having trouble reading in English.

Now you don’t need any software or language translator to translate English to Nepali or Nepali to English as Google Translator is freely available here just to help you. Using Google Translator widget any website owner can easily allow their visitors to read their website in lot’s of languages easily. Also the translator version allows us to paste any pre-written articles and enter them and automatically translate to any language we want. Recently Google Translate has added the feature to translate an entire document too which is a good news for us. For example: if you want to read a English story or article written on a document file either pdf or doc, now you can translate whole document file and get the article translated for you.

Google Translator is a free tool by Google, using it you can easily transform any English written website to Nepali compatible version. Also you can paste any English article to the translator box and get it translated into Nepali with single click. You can also translate any Nepali website to English or Nepali written document into English version. Google is making our life easier with various products and this Google translator is one of it’s amazing product which is available for every user for Free.

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(Note: As the development phase is on as a result English to Nepali Translation or vise-versa might not be able to give you best result every time)

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