hit tracker Oye Jyoti Deuna Ekchoti Shooting Report

Oye Jyoti Deuna Ekchoti Shooting Report

Oye Jyoti

Jyoti Magar one of the popular singer of Nepali lok dohori industry who love to be in controversy time to time. We find her being talk of the town after showing off too much on stage programs. Well this time it’s not about any live events nor any stage shows. We have a video report of the upcoming lok dohori video of song ‘Oye Jyoti Deuna Ekchoti‘ by Roshan Singh and Jyoti Magar. This song is titled with Jyoti and the song is very much catchy that’s why it is sure to grab attention of Nepali lok dohori lovers. Thinking this in mind 4S media is busy with the music video shooting of this song on the roof top of Buddha Bishal Bajar, New Road with Smrity Timalsina in choreography and 22 chorus dancers including lead dancers Naresh Bir Singh and Lachin Rokka Magar. The music video of ‘Oye Jyoti Deuna Ekchoti‘ will soon be releasing by Raksha Music.

While talking on a short interview by Premsagar Poudel, the actress Jyoti told that she is really happy to perform on a song that dedicated directly and she is really grateful to Roshan Singh for the song. What else Jyoti talked in the interview, you can check the video as available here. Video Copyright reserved to Raksha Music.

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