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Looking for best Preeti to Unicode converter online?

Great, at we offer you various online tools that are useful for every Nepalese citizen in their day to day life. Preeti to Unicode converter is one of our online freebie tool that allows you to convert any articles written in traditional Preeti font to Nepali Unicode.

What is Preeti Font?

Preeti Font is one of the traditional Nepali font which is widely used to type in Devanagari language by individuals in Nepali. It is also the base Nepali font which is learned by Computer operators for typing Nepali government and other official documents since early days. If you want to be expert on typing Preeti font you need to download and install Preeti Font onĀ  your computer.

You can also download Preeti Font and install it into your computer : Click here

For Preeti Font Keyboard Layout : Click here

What is Nepali Unicode?

Nepali Unicode is an easy version of Nepali font that is widely used by Nepalese these days. Either it’s a blog or a website Unicode made us easy. If we use traditional Nepali fonts like Preeti, Kantipur etc. while publishing a blog. It will be difficult for readers to read the posts. The only reason behind this is these fonts are not easily supported by website platforms. Here comes the importance of Nepali Unicode. With articles written in Nepali Unicode anyone can use them on blogs, email or even post them on social media websites. You might be using Nepali Unicode to write your posts or comments on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is really easy for us to use our Nepali language with the help of Unicode format.

For texts written on Preeti Font it is necessary to get them transformed to Nepali Unicode. Using our Preeti to Unicode converter you can transfer any articles written on Preeti to Nepali Unicode within seconds. It is easily accessible through laptop, desktop pc as well as android mobiles and ios mobile phones.

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