Preeti to Unicode converter tool allows you to convert traditional Nepali Preeti font to Unicode Nepali. If you want to write Nepali Unicode font then you can use our Nepali Typing tool but if you feel easy to type in Nepali font Preeti and you want to transfer it to Nepali Unicode then this online tool can help you. You can use the Nepali Unicode which will be easy to use on Facebook, email or any websites as it is compatible to use. It always recommended if you are writing email to your friend in Nepali language to get it converted on Nepali Unicode. So now you can simply use this Preeti to Unicode converter tool with one click.

How to convert Preeti to Unicode ?
Simply copy the Preeti code and paste it into the box below. Now click on convert: BOOM ! There you go, you successfully converted Preeti font into Nepali Unicode. Now you can use the font anywhere as per your desire.