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Pregnant Little Girl Prank

Little Girl Prank

It’s time for another prank video by Just for Laughs and the prank is titled as “Pregnant Little Girl Prank”. So what’s cooking in this prank ? A small boy and a cute girl are acting as if they are husband and wife. And the most interesting part is the girl is pregnant. She stays in the park waiting for her man and lot of people who are roaming around who get’s to know about her are in deep surprise. At first a man arrives and when he finds the girl with a big belly and acting as if she is pregnant he gets curious and asks her. Later more ladies and gentleman arrives and all of them gets too much surprised. Later when the boy arrives “No Way” to believe these. A women even goes close to the car and finds it is hard to believe her eyes. So enjoy this prank video of a little girl being pregnant.

Video Credit : Just for Laughs

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