hit tracker Province 6 not appropriate without Jumla as Capital

Province 6 not appropriate without Jumla as Capital


In spite of forming a separate province including Karnali zone and surrounding districts, the seven-state federal design agreed by major parties in the Constituent Assembly will not resolve the historical injustice dealt to the area by the State if Jumla is not made the provincial capital, civilian leaders have actually stated.

Earlier, violent protests in Karnali opposing the six-state model which combined the region with Far-western Development Region to form province no 6 had actually led major parties to divide the state and reassess into two. News surfaced about people welcoming the seven-state model, civilian leaders say social and physical development in the region is not possible if Karnali is not made the centre of the state.

Our need is for an independent Karnali state with significant rights,” member of Karnali Civil Struggle Committee Narendra Nath Yogi stated throughout a conversation programme in the Capital on Tuesday. “Province no 6 in the present model will certainly not be acceptable without keeping provincial capital in the Karnali zone,” he stated including that their struggle has just lulled and it would bounce back until all demands are met.

Presently, province no 6 comprises of whole Karnali zone (with Humla, Mugu, Kalikot, Jumla and Dolpa districts) and surrounding districts of Dailekh, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Salyan and a part of Rukum. It is extensively assumed that Birendranagar in Surkhet will certainly be the capital of this province just as it was the headquarters of Mid-western Development Region.

Contrary to general opinion, Karnali can sustain by itself as a different province as it has a separate identity and has the capability yet uncharted by past regimes,” Yogi stated. “But if Surkhet is kept as the provincial capital of the state, the region will not see the gains that are expected to come with federalism.“.

Another member of Karnali Civil Struggle Committee and previous chairperson of Karnali Development Commission Kal Bahadur Rokaya stated the region is underdeveloped as the State did not take property development programmes to the area. “Only one percent of the nation’s yearly budget is designated for Karnali which inhabits 15 percent of the country’s land location,” he said arguing that the trend will not change unless Karnali is made the new centre.

Both Rokaya and Yogi blamed major parties and leaders of Mid-west like Purna Bahadur Khadka and Yam Bahadur Kandel of federating the nation in such a way to guarantee their triumphes in coming elections by tactically putting electoral constituencies where they have a fortress.

The struggle committee has likewise asked for that Karnali be granted rights to mobilise all resources in its area, rights to sign international treaties and economic benefits like tax exemption for particular time period.