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Nepali Movies

We all know Movies are good for entertainment and we all want to watch movies during our free time. For exact same reason we are available online providing you all Nepali movies for your online entertainment. With supportive copyright owners like Music Nepal, Budha Subba, Sairam Pictures, Songs Nepal, PNP Media etc. we are dedicated in bringing you latest Nepali legal movies online. This is the right place for Nepali movies and yes these all movies available on our website are legal. Now enjoy Nepali movies in HD Quality as the companies are now uploading Nepali movies with good Quality.

It was very hard just before few years to watch good quality Nepali movies online. Lot of users use to pirate movies and upload them in bad qualities. As a result the movies used to get deleted later from the Video hosting websites due to copyright notices. But now everything is going good. Now the movie producers are offered royalties as the uploader Company generated income when people watch them on Youtube. Youtube being the giant Video website offers legal video uploaders to monetize their video and pays revenue. As this monetization began years ago but this has taken effect on Nepali video uploaders recently. As a result now we can find and watch Nepali movies and Nepali music videos on Youtube. We watch them and our singers and producers are getting paid for their creation. Isn’t it good ?

Keeping online entertainment in priority and finding legal Movies uploaders now we are providing all the Nepali Movies on a single website so you can find them and watch them anytime from anywhere. We are dedicated for your online Entertainment so find the movie that you want to watch from our List and enjoy watching them online.

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