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Singer Jyoti Magar sexually harassed

Jyoti Magar

Singer Jyoti Magar was sexually harassed in the programme held in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi of UAE. The programme was organised by active group Event Nepal of Nepalese community living in UAE on the occasion of Chaitey Dashain. The singer faced such ill treatment while performing on the stage during the show.

Singer Jyoti was the main attraction of the event and organisers also did most promotion and advertisement focusing her. Even before the starting of the musical show the hall was fully packed. Before her performance many local artists performed but many were constantly demanding her on the stage and finally she arrived in provocative dress and style.

As the programme progressed some youths present in the front row of the audience’s side began to show improper behaviors. Many got worked up and started to do objectionable acts which all created agitation and stress during the programme. Due to this the programme was halted for some time.

When the situation got a bit out of control local police had to intervene. They took them under custody but they have been freed by now.

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