hit tracker Social Experiment - Seeking for Help Man vs Women

Social Experiment – Seeking for Help Man vs Women

seeking help a social experiment

Either it’s Nepal, India or any south Asian country it’s men dominant society. People don’t give a dime to men when it’s case or problem, either are suffering or seeking for help. But what about women ? Well this time an Indian guy has done an interesting social experiment. Ok let’s think if your car broke down in the middle of the road and you are busy repairing it, will a single person who are passing by will offer you help ? For this social experiment the guy spent around 30 minutes repairing his car but not a single men offered him any help. Then he make up himself as a sexy girl and started repairing the car. Just within a minute people starting offering for help saying “Madam do you need help?”, “What’s the problem madam?” bla bla bla. Even some guys were so rude that they began to make MMS of the madam who was repairing the car as we know that was a man which other didn’t noticed due to his get up in short dress like a girl. Enjoy watching this social experiment video. Video copyright to PrankBaaz – Bach Ke Rehna re Baba !