hit tracker These are The Strongest Kids in the World

These are The Strongest Kids in the World

Strong Kids

Do you think kids are strong enough ? Wait a second, yes i am talking about small kids and how strong they are do you have any idea ? Well today we are talking about strongest kids in the world and we think you love to watch them out here.

Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe : Well these two Romanian Brothers have so much strength and ability that they can perform various exercise moves that even grown professionals would have trouble replicating. So amazing isn’t it ? Well Giuliano had recently made headlines when he posted a video of himself performing 90 degree pushups. You might be thinking seriously ? But if that isn’t impressive enough then you will be amazed that the 9 year old boy also performed a human flag or over a minute  and a half and 31 human flag pull ups. His younger brother Claudiu is following in his footsteps and sharing his videos online becoming the youngest stroe performing vertical push ups and human flags as if they require no effort at all.

Another kid was Richard Sandrak, well now he is not a kid and a 23 years old boy, when he was just a kid he made headlines with his awesome muscles. Richard is born is Ukraine and he started exercising at the age of two. When he reached the age of six he was bench pressing an incredible 18 lbs. With a daily workout routine of 600 push ups and 800 squats that helped him maintain his form at that young age.

There are few more kids whose story will definitely amaze you, so check out the video by TheRichest as available here.