hit tracker Sushma Karki tensed after being late

Sushma Karki tensed after being late

Sushma Karki

Well we all know the actress Sushma Karki is one of the most rewarded actress of Nepali Movie Industry. Here i am saying ‘rewarded actress‘ in the sense that we can see Sushma in Nepali Movies, Music videos, Comedy videos and Lok Dohori videos too. She is offered to work on any kind of music videos and she is busy may be these days she is not getting any more movies to play.

Karki had done some remarkable job on some movies like ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ and ‘Bindaas’. After the break up with the popular director and actor of Nepali movie industry, Sudharshan Thapa she is seen less in movies and more in Music Videos. Sushma is also in limelight time to time by some of here scandals. She is found busy doing photo shoot showing her tattoo in swimming pool sometime. Either she is not interested on doing movies or she is not getting any projects for her, only Sushma knows the answer.

Well for today we have received a movie clip by Budha Subba Music from Nepali movie. The name of the movie is not mentioned but i guess it is from one of the squeal of Bindaas. In this movie clip Sushma is late to go her college to collect the form for the examination. As she only woke up after getting a call by her friend and finds it difficult to get the form due to long queue in-front of the desk.