hit tracker Tomato price hiked in a month in Kathmandu

Tomato price hiked in a month in Kathmandu


Tomato rates have actually doubled in the Kathmandu valley over the previous month, with the vegetable selling at Rs 80 per kg. The wholesale price of little tomatoes rose 80 percent to Rs 45 per kg on Sunday from Rs 25 a month ago at the Kalimati vegetable market, while big tomatoes were costing Rs 52 per kg from Rs 40.

Traders associated the price hike to brief supply as a result of low production in hill areas, transport issues in Terai districts, and India-imposed trade blockade.

Khoj Raj Katuwal, president of Nepal Tunnel Farmers Association, stated low production in significant tunnel farming locations due to the chilly weather influenced materials. “The production stays low throughout this time of the year in a lot of hillside locations, while tomatoes produced in Terai have actually not arrived in the market,” he said, adding the production in hill areas has stopped by around 33 percent.

Traders, nevertheless, stated the cost might come down in the next two weeks. “The prices of smaller ones are coming down progressively with the deliveries from the Terai showing up.

He stated supplies from India were also showing up. Most of the little tomatoes sold in the valley are sourced locally, while larger ones are imported from India, traders stated.
Potato costs have begun to drop, with new crops showing up in the market. The wholesale cost of white potato has dropped to Rs 22 from Rs 28.