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Veja fry with Pashupati Sharma

Pashupati Sharma

image: onlinekhabar.com

Veja Fry is a interesting talk show by Himalaya TV as hosted by Nikita. Today’s guest on the show is popular Nepali folk singer Pashupati Sharma. As the trend of the show Veja Fry which is all about recording the guest from the very time he enter into the stage till the end. The host act’s as if she is hosting a new program and this is the very new episode of the show where Pashupati Sharma is the guest. Pashupati Sharma is busy these days with his abroad stage events and on the day of this show he had a flight to Canada. It took nearly an hour for the host Nikita to arrive in the stage as the singer keeps waiting on the stage. During the session of the show the Veja Fry teams send a girl into the middle of the recording who is a diehard fan of Pashupati Sharma. On her wish Pashupati dances on the floor and writes his autograph on a paper for the girl. Later on the crew sends tea to the table an d Pashupati feels the tea too salty. He get’s angry and is about to leave the stage but he calms down himself.

Veja Fry is broadcasted on Himalaya TV every week and the main theme of this show to make their guest angry by any means. So they act as if they invited the guest for a new show or as a part of an existing show. They shoot from the beginning as the guest enters to the studio and to the end and the main part of the show is the time which the guest thinks is an off air stuff. So enjoy this exclusive episode with Nepali folk singer Pashupati Sharma.