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What do Pandas Eat

Panda Eating Bamboo

Pandas are black and white bear native to central-western and south western China. As members of the bear family, gigantic pandas have the same digestive system of a carnivore. However they vary in the sense that they have actually adapted to a vegetarian diet. This habits specifies their lives in lots of methods, considering that they will typically count on living near to areas where bamboo is plentiful.

There are three varying types of panda living worldwide today. They are the Red panda, the Qinling panda and the Giant panda and they are all mammals. While they might share some commonness in being called pandas, their diet plans are also quite similar. These pandas stay in varying locations of the world, and different bamboo species feed each of the three pandas. They all have to consume huge quantities of bamboo in order to make it through as their digestion system will not permit the cellulose food digestion so they need to eat up to 40 pounds every day to survive.

What do Pandas Eat ?

A Panda’s everyday menu consists nearly entirely of the leaves, stems, and shoots of different bamboo species. Bamboo includes very little nutritional value, so pandas should consume 12-38kg every day to fulfill their energy requires. Just about 1 % of their diet plan is made up of other plants and meat. Sometimes the panda will hunt for pikas and other little rodents. There are 300 types of bamboo in China. There have to do with 25 varying kinds in the mountains where the pandas live. Pandas especially like to consume umbrella, arrow, and golden bamboo. Pandas are part predators and part herbivores and as such their diet plan consists of bamboo leaves and the flesh of dead animals. At the zoo, the animal is fed upon fruit and specially-prepared dietary supplements.