hit tracker What the Flop - 20th July 2015

What the Flop – 20th July 2015

What the Flop

Watch Nepali comedy show What the Flop episode of 20th July 2015. The program broadcasts every week on Kantipur TV. Sandeep Chhetri is the host of the program and if you haven’t watched the show yet then you have missed something that brings smile into your face. Yes, the show What the Flop is a show full of Comedy and you gonna love this latest episode of What the Flop as of 20th July 2015.
Sandeep begins this show with a breaking news about the recent budget that had a positive impact on his show, well it’s not true but of-course a satire. As minister Lalubabu Pandit trending well right now in media and news because of his positive work as a minister. Sandeep talks a minute about him and what he is doing and he doesn’t miss a chance to satire people with dual citizenship or PR of another country who are working on government offices. There are some Comedy clips too which you will love what a minister is talking with reporters when he was asked what he is doing nowadays. Enjoy.

Video by Kantipurtv(Youtube)