hit tracker What the Flop - 29th February 2016

What the Flop – 29th February 2016

Mithailal Jadav

What the Flop is a comedy show that comes every Monday at 9PM on Kantipur TV. Here is the recent episode of What the Flop as hosted by Sandeep Chhetri. This episode was broadcasted on Kantipur TV as of 29th February 2016. As usual this time Sandeep is back with another satirical message filled video with some gags and gossips. A sad part is in this episode we have only one gag video but it contains powerful message to the related personalities. It was a really bad month for us, as there was 1 air crash with all dead, 1 air crash with pilots dead and another one airplane escaped from accident. The air way of Nepal has always been seen dangerous at cloudy weather. Also the use of old airplanes and dominant act of the air companies lead to such accidents. Taking this issue seriously Sandeep and his team has prepared a short Gag where we can see the popular character Mithailal Jadav once again on What the Flop.

Well Mithailal has left his job of selling water puri and he is busy with his new job, maintaining the airplanes of Nepal. Seriously ? Well this is just to satire that most of the airplanes used on rural areas are old and not well maintained. This is leading to serious accidents with losing lives every year. Although this is a gag but watching this you can assume or guess why these air crash are repeating in Nepal. Enjoy watching this exclusive episode of What the Flop.